1994 Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeders Award

Lloyd C. Bacon, Cameron

Lloyd C. Bacon was born in Mansfield, Missouri but moved to Cameron, Missouri at an early age with his parents – a dairy family where the milking cows were a major part of their farming operation. He graduated from Cameron High School in 1939 and had already started his own herd of cows at that time. After serving three years in the Pacific during World War II, he returned to Cameron, married Dorothy Sijue, and resumed his dairy operation.

Three children were born to this marriage: Kay, Cheryl, and Ronald, who is deceased. Kay and her daughter Cassendra are in partnership with the present Bacon Registered Holstein Farm. Cheryl and her two daughters live in Kansas City.

Lloyd began to seriously build a top milking herd of Holsteins after his military service. Always with a good eye for the best dairy cows and as a student of superior pedigree, Lloyd attended sales and could be found bidding on and getting his share of the top cows. Probably his best purchase of all time were the four heifers be bought at the Penny Oak Sale in Kansas. Three of these heifers went Excellent in classification. One in particular, Garnet Pete Peggy 2E 91, established a cow family that has brought recognition to the Bacon herd nationwide. Peggy’s offspring have consistently classified Very Good or Excellent and milked to 30,000 pounds of milk. A great granddaughter of hers by Walkway Chief Mark is among the top TPI cows in the nation. Several bulls from this cow family are in AI studs. Lloyd began DHIA testing in 1948 and is the lone remaining charter member in the Four County Association. The herd has been 100% registered Holsteins since 1957 and the present herd of 150 has a DHIA average of 21,682 milk, 3.8% 851 fat, 3.2% 750 protein with a BAA of 104.6.

The present Bacon farm consists of 1050 acres with principal crops of corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. The entire operation is considered one of the top farms in the state. Always a community leader, Lloyd has been elected to local and state organizations including the Missouri Holstein Association, Mid-American Dairymen Inc., Dairy Herd Improvement Association, and the Cameron School Board. He has served as a local bank director since 1964. Lloyd has served the First Baptist Church in Cameron on many committees and as a Trustee. Interested in youth organizations, he has promoted and conducted hayrides, campouts, and fund raising events for the church groups, 4-H clubs and FFA chapters. His most recognized support has been the annual $250.00 cash scholarship made available to a deserving FFA senior pursuing a college education. This scholarship has been given every year since 1978 as a Memorial to his son Ronald.