2002 Meritorious Service Award

Roger Bennett

“As a recipient of his untiring efforts, I would like to support the nomination of Roger Bennett for the Hall of Honors Meritorious Service Award,” said Ed Nierman, dairyman at Concordia.

“Roger Bennett does great things for the dairy producers in west central Missouri,” said Doug Geppert of KABA Select Sires, Columbia.

Both Ed and Doug wrote letters supporting Roger’s nomination for the Hall of Honors recognition.

Roger will have worked for University of Missouri Outreach and Extension for 30 years in May. He holds a bachelor of science degree granted by Western Kentucky University in 1966 and masters and doctorate degrees in dairy science from the University of Kentucky.

The nominee has spent most of his extension career in the 15 county area in west central Missouri. “Throughout his long tenure he has shared his dairy science expertise with milk producers in our area,” Ed Nierman said.

“Roger has a unique and compelling way of seeking one’s attention and participation in public forums and seminars using humor, common sense, and candid frankness.” Ed continued. “His interest and responsibility in all areas of his work has been for the welfare of his constituent, the dairy farmer.”

“In his work Roger has gained the respect and trust of producers in the formation and execution of their dairy plans,” Ed said. “He has worked with dairy producers on milk quality, feeding, facilities, heifer development, and many other programs, always trying to fit the solution to the producer.”

Roger applied for and received a grant to study the growth and feeding of dairy heifers with the goal of having them in the milking herd at two years of age. His work provided insight into the performance of existing feeding programs and ways and methods to increase weight and height at an early age.

“During this work Roger has weighed and observed countless heifers and then tracked their performance over a two-year period,” Ed said. “His efforts will continue to be appreciated over the years from the dissemination of information regarding the heifer development program.”

“Roger Bennett has been an institution in west central Missouri and is appreciated by dairy producers and other farm families. He has consistently encouraged young people to pursue a job in the Missouri dairy industry.” “I am proud to support his nomination for the Meritorious Service Award,” Ed concluded.

Roger was born July 25, 1944 on a dairy farm near Bardstown, Ky. He married Martha Barnes March 6, 1966 and they have two children Carole Beth has a doctorate in pharmacology granted by the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She and her husband Jon Ficken are parents of Jack born Jan. 14.

The Bennett’s son John David works in construction at Blue Springs.

Roger and Martha are members of the First Baptist Church in Blue Springs and live in Blue Springs.