2008 Dairy Leadership Award

2008-MozierDr. John O. Mozier, DVM

Dr. John O. Mozier has voluntarily contributed an extraordinary amount of time, expertise and physical effort for the betterment of the Missouri Guernsey Breeders’ Association, the American Guernsey Association and to their members. He possesses a rare combination of talents, aptitude and personality that he has used in becoming one of the most effective leaders in the dairy industry

Dr. Mozier’s active participation with the Guernsey associations followed a successful career elsewhere. Retirement afforded him the time to pursue his greatest and life-long passion-breeding and enjoying Guernsey cattle.

John was born in the depression years near Troy, Missouri on a family farm. As all farm boys, he helped milk cows and raise crops. His family had a small door-to-door milk route. His experience with Guernseys began while he was in the eighth grade when John’s father purchased their first fawn and whites. He achieved both Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from the University of Missouri, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Rockhurst College.

John’s professional life became intermingled with fine Guernsey cattle when he worked in the veterinary practice of Dr. M. L. Weldy at Goshen, Indiana. He was drafted into the U. S. Army as a Captain in the Veterinary Corp in 1962. In 1964, he went to work for Chemagro, an animal pharmaceutical firm in Kansas City. After a series of corporate makeovers, Chemagro evolved into the Bayer Corporation. For over 30 years, John searched for and developed animal health products. He was a member of Bayer’s executive committee for the company’s animal health business and often sought governmental approvals in the United States and Canada. He retired from Bayer after having served as Vice-President and Director of Research and Development for Animal Health.

Approaching retirement and thereafter, John set out to further develop his Guernsey herd and joined the Kansas and Missouri Guernsey Breeders Associations. In December of 1996, he was appointed to fill the final two years of a term on the Board of Directors of the American Guernsey Association. In 1999, he was elected to the first of two full terms on the Guernsey National Board. During that time, he was elected to First Vice-President, serving three years and then became President, serving five years

Among John’s significant contributions: 1) the financial turnaround of Purebred Publishing (a Guernsey subsidiary), 2) gaining back and securing the future of the Golden Guernsey trademark labels, 3) seeking the Royal Horticulture and Agriculture Trophy and getting it returned to the A.G.A., 4) establishing the Guernsey youth lease program, 5) leading studies to improve longevity and reproduction of the Guernsey cow, 6) developing and furthering Guernsey promotion through a more viable Promotion Fund.

As Neil Jensen, former A. G. A. Executive Secretary/Treasurer, stated in a letter of recommendation, “This man leads by example. He is an intelligent and articulate individual who unselfishly shares his strengths to support, guide and direct this organization to the heights it has achieved. Dr. Mozier is just as comfortable talking with a Guernsey enthusiast about a mating for a specific heifer as he is leading a roundtable discussion of international participants at a World Guernsey Cattle Federation meeting. He is the epitome of a leader who has set a higher standard for this industry around the world.”

John’s unceasing love for the Guernsey cow is surpassed only by his love and dedication to his family and his faith. His family includes wife, Mary Lou, their four sons, John Jr., Ned, David, and Matthew, and several grandchildren.

From reading the Guernsey Breeders’ Journal as a young boy, buying his first Guernsey calf from his grandfather for $25, studying to achieve his degrees, serving his country, using his talents to develop many of the animal pharmaceuticals currently in use, volunteering endless hours of effort serving the American Guernsey Association and now serving as Chairman of the World Guernsey Cattle Federation, one can easily see the progression of this man’s dreams.

Dr. John Mozier was nominated for the Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors’ Dairy Leader Award by the Missouri Guernsey Breeder’s Association.