2010 Pioneer Dairy Leader

2010-PozniakDavid Pozniak

David Pozniak was born on April 2, 1952 in Monett, Missouri. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Science at the University of Missouri, Columbia and a Master of Business Administration from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. He joined Schreiber Foods in 1974 as a production supervisor in Carthage, Missouri. He was promoted to production manager before becoming director of human resources in 1978. David continued to advance his profession by taking on new roles and responsibilities, including ingredient sales. By 1985 he was leading in marketing of all domestic dairy products.

David assumed leadership of Schreiber’s international operations in 1992. He was promoted to vice president of purchasing in 1996. Success in these roles led to his promotion to senior vice president of global trade and development, election to Schreiber’s board of directors, president and CEO of global trade and ultimately to corporate president and chief executive officer in 2007.

During David’s tenure with Schreiber Foods, Missouri operations grew from one plant in Carthage and Monett, to seven major production operations and distribution centers in both Dairy and Packaging. Worldwide, the firm expanded into international sales and processing operations in Brazil, China, Germany, India and Mexico.

David served the dairy industry as an executive board member of the U. S. Dairy Export Council and as a board member of the National Cheese Institute. One of his nominators wrote: “He brought producers and consumers together through development of new marketing channels, new products and risk management programs. While he was a dynamic leader, he had a quiet and unassuming presence reflective of knowing where he had come from and truly wanting to give back.”

Another nominator wrote: “David always loved his Missouri family dairy farm upbringing. His leadership and persistence made the difference in the success of Schreiber’s international business. His example of financial prudence and hard work ethic were benchmark for all who served under his CEO tenure. He was guided by Christian principles and the love of people.”

After thirty-four years with Schreiber Foods, David was forced to retire at the end of 2008 due to cancer. His replacement, Mike Haddad stated: “David’s contributions to our company’s success are immeasurable. He had the vision to expand our international footprint and create new markets for our products worldwide. He led the majority of acquisitions we’ve made during the past 10 years. He leaves an incredible legacy of output that will have a positive impact on our company’s growth for years to come.”

David is survived by his wife, Kathy, two daughters, Kylene, and Regan, and son, David Paul II.